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January 9, 2013

Sandy Owenby

Sandy Owenby
Sandra Ownbey

skb_20120426__CMA8988-EditIn 1998, Sandra and her husband Jim were happily married with four children when Jim decided he wanted to follow his dream and join the Marines. Sandra and the family supported him with tight budgets and a lot of love. On Jim’s third deployment to Iraq, his vehicle hit a massive improvised explosive device and was thrown 30 feet in the air. Jim was treated in theater for injuries included traumatic brain injury, but was returned to his unit three weeks later. His health quickly deteriorated and doctors discovered he had a broken back. Other complications continued to surface including blood clots, swelling, headaches, and explosive anger. The family relocated so Jim could be closer to the medical care that is finally easing his pain and Sandy left her job to care for her husband full-time. Sandy and Jim continue to share their story in the hopes that it can help other families struggling with the invisible wounds of war.