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July 2, 2014

June 2014 Coalition Member Update

June 2014 Coalition Member Update

On May 21, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi continued her invaluable support of the Foundation by bringing together fellow Members of Congress, veterans service organizations, and business and non-profit leaders to honor Senator Elizabeth Dole for her commitment to support and strengthen military families and caregivers. The event, held in the U.S. Capitol Building, also served as an opportunity for some of the earliest members of Hidden Heroes: The National Coalition for Military Caregivers to update attendees on their new and developing caregiver initiatives, and to inspire more leaders to join the Foundation in carrying out its mission.

“Senator Elizabeth Dole has demonstrated extraordinary leadership on behalf of military families, informed by her own experience, bound by her own powerful connection to the men and women who don’t don the uniform, but bear the burden of war and its aftermath alongside those that do,” Leader Pelosi said in announcing the event.

In their remarks to attendees, Senator Dole and Leader Pelosi underscored the importance of making support for military caregivers a bi-partisan effort. James Williams, President and CEO of Easter Seals, and Eric Eversole, Vice President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – two organizations that aligned with the Foundation from the first days of the coalition – also addressed the attendees, sharing the significant commitments their organizations have made to our nation’s military and veteran caregivers, and encouraging individuals and organizations across the country to do the same.

Commenting on the event, Senator Elizabeth Dole remarked, “Leader Pelosi has provided wonderful support and model leadership by working with the Foundation very early on to ensure Congress is a part of our holistic approach to uplifting military and veteran caregivers. It is now our goal to translate the strong bi-partisan voices we have signed on into solutions and actions. We’re counting on our friends and allies on the Hill to help us continue building awareness and inspiring change both here in Washington and across the nation in support of our nation’s hidden heroes.”