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March 20, 2018

Elizabeth Dole Foundation Urges Congress to Include VA Caregiver Program in Omnibus Spending Bill

Elizabeth Dole Foundation Urges Congress to Include VA Caregiver Program in Omnibus Spending Bill


Over the last several months, the Elizabeth Dole Foundation has been working across party lines in partnership with the leading veteran service organizations to expand the VA’s Program of Comprehensive Assistance to Family Caregivers to all veterans regardless of their era of service. Just yesterday we released a statement of support for the recent compromise language reached by the House and Senate Veteran’s Affairs Committees. This language, included in a bill which would reauthorize the Veterans Choice Program, has been put forth for potential inclusion in the fiscal year 2019 omnibus funding legislation, which Congress must pass by this Friday. The deadline is quickly approaching, and the opportunity to enact this critical legislation is rapidly closing. We urge the House and Senate to move swiftly to adopt this language.

This morning Senator Dole placed calls to each of the leaders in the House who are central to ensuring a compromise can be reached. She was successful in reaching House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and House Committee on Veterans Affairs Chairman, Dr. Phil Roe. Senator Dole encouraged them to recognize the historic opportunity we have upon us to significantly expand services and support for caregivers of all eras. Both leaders expressed their total commitment to seeing this expansion happen. We are doing everything we can to encourage leaders on both sides of the aisle to negotiate a compromise and see this bill pass to the benefit of countless veterans and their families.

Senator Dole is monitoring this situation personally and closely. We remain in active touch with all the offices and leaders involved. We are 100% committed to seeing veterans and caregivers of all eras supported by the Department of Veterans Affairs.



Jeff Valliere