• Cheryl Gansner

    Cheryl Gansner

    On July 28th, 2006—six weeks before he was scheduled to return home—Cheryl’s husband Bryan was severely injured by a…

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  • Jennifer Henkel

    Jennifer Henkel

    Jennifer met her husband after he had completed his service with the Marines from 2002 – 2006. He deployed…

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  • Melissa Johnson

    Melissa Johnson

    When Melissa married Sean in 1995, he was already a combat veteran who had served in Operation Desert Storm.…

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  • Shannon Maxwell

    Shannon Maxwell

    Shannon’s husband Tim has served almost 20 years in the Marine Corps when, in October 2004, two pieces of…

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  • Sandra Ownbey

    Sandy Owenby

    In 1998, Sandra and her husband Jim were happily married with four children when Jim decided he wanted to…

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  • Kevin Polosky

    Kevin Polosky

    The Poloskys have both served in uniform and on the battlefield. In 2008, both were stationed in Afghanistan as…

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  • Andrea Sawyer

    Andrea Sawyer

    After working mortuary duty in Iraq, Andrea’s husband Lyod went into a downward spiral of depression that culminated in…

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  • Debbie Schulz

    Debbie Schulz

    In April 2005, five months into his second deployment to Iraq, Debbie’s son Steven sustained serious injuries as a…

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  • Ivonne Thompson

    Ivonne Thompson

    Ivonne and Anthony dated for two weeks before he broke the news that he had enlisted as a Corpsman…

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  • Sandra Touchet

    Sandra Touchet

    Sandra and Kerry met in the Army—but different ones. Sandra was a medic in the German Army when she…

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