Hidden Heroes Fund – Grant Guidelines

In an ongoing commitment to support and drive innovation amongst non-profit organizations that serve military caregivers, the Elizabeth Dole Foundation is proud to award grants through the Hidden Heroes Fund. This fund is dedicated to supporting programs that make a direct impact on the lives of America’s military and veteran caregivers.

To be eligible for a grant from the Hidden Heroes Fund, organizations must be 501c3 registered, and projects must directly impact the lives of military and veteran caregivers, the spouses, parents, and other loved-ones caring for our nation’s wounded warriors at home.

Additionally, projects must fall under one or more of the Foundation’s five pillars of impact:

  • Families and communities
  • Education & training
  • Employment & workplace support
  • Financial and/or legal support
  • Health and well-being

Use of the Foundation’s RAND study data or other relevant research in designing and implementing the project is highly encouraged.

While we understand that overhead costs are part of any program—especially newly established initiatives—we encourage organizations to keep overhead costs of prospective programs to a minimum when applying for a grant from the Hidden Heroes Fund.   The Foundation will not consider funding grants where overhead/administrative costs of a program exceed 20% of the total budget.  The 80/20 ratio adhered to by the Foundation is in line with best practices for nonprofits.