Impact Councils

The Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s comprehensive RAND study, Hidden Heroes: America’s Military Caregivers, identified seven areas of urgent need. In response, the Foundation formed seven Impact Councils that develop forward-thinking strategies to tackle these complex challenges. Co-chaired by leaders working in military and veteran services, each Impact Council is comprised of representatives from our National Coalition  – public, private, nonprofit, labor and faith community partners.

1. Community Support at Home

This council organizes government officials and concerned citizens to help military caregivers identify themselves and support them at the local level. The council builds broad awareness about the challenges military and veteran caregivers face and matches local organizations with military caregivers living nearby.

  • Lynn Crabb, Senior Director, Policy and Program Development, Service to the Armed Forces, American Red Cross
  • Elizabeth Chisolm, Executive Director, Quality of Life Foundation
  • Heather Prill Pritchard, Senior Manager of National Partnerships and Atlanta Hometown Giving, The Home Depot Foundation

2. Education and Training

This council identifies existing and crafts new educational resources to train military caregivers. Topics include navigating the Department of Veterans Affairs, understanding common psychological conditions of the care recipient, finding and utilizing resources and managing stress. The council also develops caregiver cultural competency training for service providers.

  • Marjorie Morrison, CEO and Founder, PsychArmor Institute

3. Employment and Workplace Support

This council assists employers in supporting military caregivers who juggle career, family, finances and more. The council assesses caregiver challenges and strengths, matches caregivers and caregiver-friendly employers, and promotes knowledge among caregivers on how to enter or re-enter the workforce.

  • Eric Eversole, President, Hiring Our Heroes, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
  • Tom Downs, Diversity Talent Acquisition, Capital One

4. Financial and Legal Issues

This council educates military caregivers about long-term financial and legal planning for their family. The council also identifies products and programs that help financial and legal professionals support military families.

  • Kenneth Goldsmith, Senior Legislative Counsel and Director of State Legislation, American Bar Association
  • Justin Schmitt, Assistant Vice President for Corporate Responsibility, USAA

5. Interfaith Action and Ministry Council

This council educates faith communities about the experiences and needs of military caregivers. The council encourages faith leaders to get involved by reaching out to the caregivers in their congregation and identifying local resources that help them.

  • Jack Lea, Executive Director, National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces
  • Dan Look, Former CSO at National Lutheran Communities & Services

6. Mental and Physical Health

This council coordinates with government, nonprofit and private sector healthcare organizations to evaluate evidence-based healthcare programs. This council collaborates with existing organizations as well as advises on policy, key issues, and existing education programs that center on mental and physical health.

  • Catharine Grimes, Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
  • Michelle Kees, Assistant Professor and Faculty Member of Military Support Programs and Networks (M-SPAN), University of Michigan

7. Respite Care

This council advocates for improvements of respite care services, such as increased accessibility. The council identifies innovative ways to raise awareness and participation among military and veteran caregivers.

  • Jed Johnson, VP of Strategic Initiatives, Easterseals
  • Jill Kagan, Director, ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center