Statement by Senators Bob and Elizabeth Dole on the Passing of Nancy Reagan

MARCH 6, 2016

“Our nation has lost a national treasure with the passing of Nancy Reagan.

As public servants during the Reagan administration, we both witnessed Nancy’s life-long desire to make our nation a better place for each and every American citizen. Underneath her graceful, quiet demeanor was a strong and passionate advocate for causes that would improve countless American lives across all ages.

One facet of Nancy’s life that particularly captured our hearts was her tremendous love for — and dedication to — her husband. Even as President Reagan faced Alzheimer’s disease during the later years of his life, Nancy stoically stood by his side as a caregiver, a comforter and a beloved wife. Her unparalleled strength of spirit was a testament to us all — a humbling example of the power and enduring love between a husband and wife, for better or for worse.

We extend our heartfelt sympathy and prayers to the Reagan family during this difficult time.”


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