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Dole Caregiver Fellows

Dole Caregiver Fellows are the heart and soul of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation. They are active military and veteran caregivers from across the nation who are carefully selected each year to represent the Foundation in a formal capacity.

Through the Dole Caregiver Fellowship, caregivers receive support, training, and a platform to address the issues impacting the community. They also share their stories directly with national leaders and decision makers within the business, entertainment, faith, and nonprofit sectors to transform the culture of care in our country.  

The Foundation typically holds an open application cycle for Fellows and recruits 10-25 Fellows from across the country. This year, we are taking a more targeted approach.

Over the last year, the Foundation has analyzed our membership and we seek to diversify our community to better reflect the millions of military and veteran caregivers. This year, we are hoping to reach military and veteran caregivers from diverse backgrounds (e.g. racial diversity, LGBTQI diversity, types of wounds, service era, etc.), so we can be sure to be representing the needs of all military and veteran caregivers. 

Fellows are leaders in their communities who share their caregiving stories to bring vital attention to the tremendous challenges caregivers face. As Foundation representatives, Fellows: 

  • Drive increased support and action for caregivers in their local communities and nationwide
  • Advocate for military and veteran caregiver issues on local, state, and national levels
  • Advise the Foundation on programs and initiatives
  • Serve as Hidden Heroes representatives at meetings, events and interviews
  • Provide inspiration and personal support for caregivers through the online Hidden Heroes Caregiver Community

These men and women have different backgrounds, but share similar stories of struggle and resilience. They come from every state, as well as Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, and care for spouses, children, partners, siblings, and friends from different eras of war. They care for scars that are both visible and invisible. Much like all caregivers, a Fellow’s work is never done and our alumni continue to take an active role following the conclusion of their terms. To read the stories of these inspiring women and men, please visit hiddenheroes.org/stories.

Applications for 2022 Dole Caregiver Fellowships are now closed. If you have any questions, please contact FellowsApplication@elizabethdolefoundation.org.

Our Fellows

Dole Caregiver Fellows are leaders in the military and veteran caregiver space.