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National Coalition Partners

The Elizabeth Dole Foundation formed the National Coalition for Military Caregivers to coordinate a united response that addresses the significant gaps in support for these hidden heroes. Now over 300 members strong and growing, the coalition is comprised of leaders in public, private, nonprofit, labor and faith communities. Every achievement – each new program, resource, and piece of legislation – represents a joint effort with one or more of our National Coalition Partners.

Our National Coalition members have helped develop programs and resources for military caregivers, including free training webinars, job fairs, respite retreats, mental health and family counseling resources, pro bono legal support, assistance with healthcare claims, online resource guides for managing finances, and a free hotline to talk with financial planning experts. Thanks to our collective efforts, many veteran support organizations now include caregivers in their missions.

Upon signing up, National Coalition Partners pledge to raise awareness; identify and refer caregivers to resources, including HiddenHeroes.org; apply to be part of the Hidden Heroes Resource Directory (if applicable); and/or work to develop or expand a current program for military and veteran caregivers.

If your organization is interested in becoming a Coalition Partner, please complete our survey, here.